9th September 2013 17:40
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Sorry for being absent, the last bit of school has been rather hectic.

Although I will say I spent a lot of my down time playing the game: Plague Inc.

It is very simliar to the online flash game of Pandemic 2 but it has a lot more features and is significantly realistic. It is is a free app (although to purchase it, it is only 2 dollars and I would highly recommened the paid version).

The game play is greatly increased and you can choose between things such as: virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite, prion, nano-virus and bioweapon.

It works on a cell phone but I enjoy playing it on a tablet.

Now go forth! And kill the world!

6th June 2012 10:29
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Lab work today-

Some times it’s the most boring endevor. 

I put colcemid in my cell cultures to arrest cell division and I have to wait 2 hours before I can do anything else. 

It’s been 45 minutes. 

Good thing I have tumblr. 

23rd May 2012 10:54
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The biotech program I’m in has been going very well.

I’m currently working on my second capstone, which includes erythrocyte culturing and karyotyping because my family has a strange chromosomal abnormality that doesn’t have any sort of phenotypic outcome. Even though it is a significant translocation. 

I also applied for a summer internship, that would actually be paid.

28th March 2012 14:39
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Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 1: Sequence


23rd February 2012 17:31
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Specialized T-Cells:
  • Memory T-Cell: Recognizes invading antigens from a previous exposure.
  • Killer T-Cells: Destroys antigens
  • Suppressor T-Cell: Suppresses antibody formation. Prevents immune system from getting out of hand. 
  • Helper T-Cell: Helps where it is need. Can act like a memory, killer or suppressor cell. Stimulates B-cells to produce more antibodies.
  • Thymus gland produces T-Cells. T-Cells fight viral/fungal/protozoa infections.
  • Bone Marrow produces B-Cells. B-Cells fight bacterial infections and viral infections in the blood.
23rd February 2012 17:19
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When the body’s immune system reacts and preforms as it should.

19th February 2012 16:02
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A healthy human body has 2-4 pounds of microbes living in/on them.
25th January 2012 22:56
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My biotech classes so far-

Have been rather disappointing. 

Not in that ways that I’m not learning anything, I have been learning plenty of new material that I didn’t know before, but at the same time a lot of it for me has just been refreshers. Which I have my high school biotech program to blame for that. 

This term at school I was in my Advanced Techniques for biotechnology course, which I was excited about initially. I was ready to learn new ways to use lab equitment and be taught how to use things I had never used in the past, but as the class started I soon found out that everything I was going to learn in that class I was taught in high school.

It wasn’t a bad thing that I got to redo all of these things, but all of the labs we did in class I had done in high school, they were literally from the same company and the same kit. To name a few, extracting our own DNA, identifying genetically modified genes in corn products and ALU gene typing. 

I suppose I was expecting something more, being a college class. Although, I guess not everyone else in the class had the blessing to have such an advanced biotechnology class in their high schools. (And I have to take into consideration that I’m the youngest of my class at 19 and the oldest is somewhere in his 50’s.)

I have been able to help the other people in the class, with the basics, just as how to micropipet and make the correct percent gels, and how to decipher what the protocols for the lab means. And I have also developed a great relationship with my professor since we were able to talk on a more serious level than most of the other people in the class. 

I suppose I was just expecting more. Which is also why I haven’t been posting as much, it would really just be me repeating myself from things I’ve said in the past. So I’m hopefully that next term in my Protein Analysis for biotechnology I’ll get to learn new techniques that I have yet to do. 

I’m also taking Human Diseases next term as well, so that will also be something to look forward too. 

25th January 2012 20:08
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Cordyceps Fungi. 
Fungus straight out of science fiction.